Mapping Community Resources in Progress

More than 30 proactive young individuals from the enlarged Goris community are currently engaged in resource mapping activities. “Goris Press Club” NGO is carrying out resource mapping initiative in the Goris community, actively involving young participants. The aims is not only identify prevalent challenges and needs but also to discern opportunities and developmental essential for […]

Advancing Community Development Through Education

A comprehensive three-day workshop titled “The Role of Education in the Development of the Goris Community” convened in Jermuk, focusing on the strategic organization of education across various sectors within the framework of Goris community’s human resource development plan. Engaging participants from diverse community sectors including local government, business, education, civil society, and expert bodies, […]

GPC hosted USAID Armenia Acting Deputy Mission Director Matthew Laird

 The GPC team presented the activities of the organization, told about the successes and results of the “Local Self-Government for the Development of Goris Community” project implemented with the support of the US Agency for International Development. Discussion revolved around the implementation of various initiatives in Goris, engaging different community stakeholders, resource mapping facilitated by […]

Syunik region has a human-centered security needs assessment document

“For the first time in Armenia, the security issue of Syunik has been moved from the political and media top field to the people who carry it, where there are no political speculations, no misinformation,” affirmed Susanna Shahnazaryan, President of “Goris Press Club” NGO, during the conference held in Goris. The conference centered on presenting […]

Meeting a Consultative Group

Within the framework of the “Local Administration for the Development of the Goris Community,” a meeting was held with a consulting group who would cooperate with the GMA during the three-year program. The group’s objective is to bring together the interesting parties of all the settlements of the enlarged Goris community to participate in the […]