Passive War Participants: Report

The period following November 9, 2020 continued for Syunikto remain a phase of passive warfare that has occasionally been accompanied,by severe military clashes. This research has evaluated displaced persons, hospitality and accomodation,as well as family needs, and emphasized the risks that can be repeated in the eventof new conflicts. Read the report here *** This […]

Research Report: Processes of revenue collection of community budgets in Syunik Marz”

“Goris Press Club” NGO, under the “Interactive, Transparent Budget” program, has issued a report titled “Processes of revenue collection of community budgets and factors affecting them in Goris, Meghri, Tegh, Sisian and Gorayk communities of Syunik Marz.” This insightful analysis delves into the current practices and challenges associated with revenue collection within these five target […]

Exploring the Syunik Governor’s Office Website: An Inquiry into Community Information

The official website of the Syunik Governor’s Office (Syunik Marzpetaran), established in 2011 with the support of USAID, serves as a key platform for public access to information regarding regional governance. This study aims to analyze the comprehensiveness and accessibility of information about communities and local governments (LGs) presented on the website. Specifically, the study […]

Research Report: “Conflict of Interest as a Corruption Risk in Local Self-Government Bodies”

Goris Press Club is pleased to announce the release of a comprehensive research report, made possible through the generous financial support of the US Embassy, as part of the “Conflict of Interest as a Corruption Risk in Local Self-Government Bodies” project. This research delves into the understanding and awareness of conflict of interest among local […]