“Locally-led Action for Development of Goris Community” Project

“Goris Press Club” (GPC) with Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF) is implementing a program titled “Locally-led Action for Development of Goris Community” program which commenced in March 2023 and will be implemented until February 2026.  The project is supported by United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The goal of Locally-led Action for Development of Goris […]

“Exploring the Historical Tapestry of Syunik”

The goal of the project is to meticulously document pivotal events spanning the years 1934-2000 in the Goris, Tegh, and Tatev communities through the digitization of the “Zangezur” newspaper archives.

“Youth People as Active Actors on Community Development”

The project is designed to address the youth employment challenge within the expanded community of Goris. It aims to facilitate the integration of young individuals into the labor market by creating an environment that supports informal education. Additionally, the project seeks to enhance the awareness of the youth regarding contemporary solutions across various fields. Within […]

“From Border to Border”

“Goris Press Club” NGO is implementing a project titled “From Border to Border” that commenced in September 2023, and will be implemented until February 2024.The goal of the project was to publicize the socio-economic challenges faced by individuals affected by the conflict in Syunik region through impactful media content, with the overarching objective of advocating […]

“Prepositioning of supplies and support to emergency coordination in anticipation of population displacement from Nagorno-Karabakh Region”

“Goris Press Club” NGO (GPC) together with ACTED Armenia has carried out a needs assessment of Artsakh citizens affected by the Lachin Corridor crisis, researched the needs and capacities of Local Governments in the context of issues related to social support in emergency situations, existing problems and ways to solve them. Within the framework of […]