“Exploring the Historical Tapestry of Syunik”

“Goris Press Club” (GPC) NGO is implementing a project titled “Locally-led Action for Development of Goris Community” that commenced in December 2023, and will be implemented until May 2024.

The goal of the project is to meticulously document pivotal events spanning the years 1934-2000 in the Goris, Tegh, and Tatev communities through the digitization of the “Zangezur” newspaper archives. This initiative aims to preserve and make accessible materials of cultural, economic, demographic, and historical significance, ensuring their sustained availability in the public domain.


The Project is implemented by GPC within the “Civil Society Support for Ensuring Impact on Reforms” project. The “Civil Society Support for Ensuring Impact on Reforms” project is implemented by Eurasia Partnership Foundation with support of the Swedish Government.