“Youth People as Active Actors on Community Development”

The project is designed to address the youth employment challenge within the expanded community of Goris. It aims to facilitate the integration of young individuals into the labor market by creating an environment that supports informal education. Additionally, the project seeks to enhance the awareness of the youth regarding contemporary solutions across various fields.

Within the framework of the project, the YOUTH HAB platform was created, which initiates:

Skill building workshops: Organizes workshops covering employment-related skills and modern solutions such as digital literacy, entrepreneurship, communication skills, and project management.

Mentoring initiatives: Creates mentorship programs connecting experienced individuals with youth to provide guidance, real-world insights, fostering personal and professional development.

Entrepreneurial initiatives: Encourages young people to explore entrepreneurial ventures, offering resources, mentorship, and collaboration opportunities to develop and launch their own projects or businesses.

Networking events: Organizes regular networking events to facilitate cross-cultural communication and exchange of ideas among young people, building a strong community, fostering collaboration, and creating a support network.

Cultural exchange initiatives: Organizes events promoting cultural diversity and understanding, including language exchange programs, cultural festivals, or art exhibitions showcasing local youth talents.

Community programs: Initiates projects solving local challenges or contributing to community development, including environmental initiatives, social awareness campaigns, or community building projects allowing young people to make a positive impact.

Online learning platform: Develops an online non-formal education platform where participants can access resources, tutorials, and courses to enhance their knowledge and skills, extending reach beyond physical attendance.

Cooperation with employers: Creates connections with local businesses and industry for internship opportunities, job fairs, or collaborative projects, bridging the gap between education and employment.

Creative initiatives: Provides opportunities for artistic expression, including art exhibits, poetry readings, or musical performances, encouraging young people to showcase their talents and use creativity as a means of self-expression.

Discussion forums: Holds regular forums to discuss different issues, encourage critical thinking, and promote different points of view, contributing to the formation of a pluralistic environment within the community.

By implementing these ideas, YOUTH HAB can further enhance its role as a dynamic and inclusive platform, promoting the holistic development of youth in the Goris community.


“Youth People as Active Actors on Community Development” project is implemented by “Goris Press Club” NGO in the scope of the “EU4Dialogue: Support to Conflict Transformation in the South Caucasus and the Republic of Moldova (Component 2)”․ The project is funded by the European Union and UNDP in Armenia․