Research Report: Processes of revenue collection of community budgets in Syunik Marz”

“Goris Press Club” NGO, under the “Interactive, Transparent Budget” program, has issued a report titled “Processes of revenue collection of community budgets and factors affecting them in Goris, Meghri, Tegh, Sisian and Gorayk communities of Syunik Marz.” This insightful analysis delves into the current practices and challenges associated with revenue collection within these five target communities, providing valuable recommendations for optimizing fiscal sustainability.

The report identifies key factors influencing local revenue generation, including the effectiveness of existing income planning and collection mechanisms, diversification of income sources, and prevailing economic trends. Through detailed study and analysis, GPC offers practical strategies for enhancing revenue collection in each community, ranging from streamlining administrative procedures to exploring alternative income sources like tourism or local business partnerships.

This report serves as a critical resource for both community leaders and policymakers, empowering them to work collaboratively towards strengthening the financial health of Syunik Marz communities. By implementing the recommended strategies, these communities can not only enhance financial stability but also pave the way for sustainable development and improved quality of life for residents.


This report is created by “Goris Press Club” NGO, and is made possible by the generous support of the US State Department’s Office of Public Relations. The contents are the sole responsibility of “Goris Press Club” NGO and do not necessarily reflect the views of US State Department’s Office of Public Relations.

The “Interactive, Transparent Budget” program was funded by a grant from the US State Department’s Office of Public Relations and implemented by “Goris Press Club” NGO.