Support for the Formation of a Business Environment

The “Armen Ivanyan” initiative group has concluded the “Building Touristic Capacities of Goris” project, conducted under the “Locally-led Action for Development of Goris Community” project.

The initiative group established a comprehensive database containing information on the tourism and service sectors operating within the Goris community. During various discussions, the group identified both the development challenges and the resources that can be effectively utilized to advance the sector.

Over thirty local manufacturers, along with representatives from hotel companies and the service industry, participated in the final event. Participants highlighted the importance of developing human resource capabilities to enhance the recognition of local products, involving sector specialists, and facilitating experience exchange.

It was recommended to create an online platform to showcase resources from local manufacturers, the service sector, and tourism companies. Additionally, the need for fostering a cooperative environment was emphasized.

During the meeting, the initiative group announced the establishment of a socio-educational non-governmental organization, “Ivanyans Business Center,” within the program framework. This organization aims to support the development of small and medium-sized businesses and to create a healthy, competitive business environment in the region.


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