Meeting a Consultative Group

Within the framework of the “Local Administration for the Development of the Goris Community,” a meeting was held with a consulting group who would cooperate with the GMA during the three-year program. The group’s objective is to bring together the interesting parties of all the settlements of the enlarged Goris community to participate in the development and implementation of a number of program initiatives; to participate in discussions on community priorities, possible solutions, and methods, as well as to inform current problems and developments in enlarged communities. This time, priorities for grant programs to be announced were discussed.


This meeting is conducted by the Gorisi Press Club (GMA) in conjunction with the Eurasian Partnership Foundation (EFF), with the support of the American people through the U.S. Agency for International Development. The contents of the material are solely those of the Gorisi Press Club and do not have to express the views of the U.S. IMF or the U.S. government.