Syunik Political Club Hosts Discussion on Populism in Democracy

On June 8, the Syunik Political Club in collaboration with “Press Club Goris” NGO hosted a stimulating discussion titled “Is Democracy Possible Without Populism?”. This event brought together leading experts from the Caucasus Institute – Hrant Mikayelyan, Alexander Iskandaryan, and Gor Petrosyan – with representatives of Syunik’s vibrant civil society.

The conversation delved into the complex interrelationship between democracy and populism. The speakers explored the multifaceted causes and potential consequences of populist movements, particularly within democratic systems. Their insightful perspectives shed light on the intricate interplay of social, economic, and political factors that fuel populism, raising critical questions about its compatibility with democratic values and institutions.

Representatives of civil society actively participated in the discussion, contributing their unique perspectives and concerns. The event served as a valuable platform for stimulating critical thinking and constructive debate on a pertinent issue affecting democracies worldwide.