Advancing Community Development Through Education

A comprehensive three-day workshop titled “The Role of Education in the Development of the Goris Community” convened in Jermuk, focusing on the strategic organization of education across various sectors within the framework of Goris community’s human resource development plan.

Engaging participants from diverse community sectors including local government, business, education, civil society, and expert bodies, the workshop facilitated vigorous discussions surrounding the current challenges, opportunities, and resource utilization strategies within the community.

Experts presented diverse methodologies and best practices, highlighting opportunities to leverage local resources to introduce innovative educational approaches. Discussions also delved into risk assessment, potential areas of collaboration, and the engagement of various community stakeholders.

Of particular importance was the emphasis on providing continuous education across various domains. Participants convened in sub-groups to develop tailored recommendations, including the provision of professional training in economic sectors, communication and life skills education, internet literacy, community participation, and trainer development programs. The significance of expert recommendations in driving these processes forward was especially recognized.

The workshop outcomes will inform the formulation of specific recommendations for enhancing human resource development within the Goris community. It’s worth noting that preceding this workshop, a series of training sessions were conducted as part of the program, covering topics such as tourism development, communication skills, labor legislation, construction legalization, community strategic planning, fundraising, among others.


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