Informational Meeting on Youth Group Formation

On May 23, at the branch of the “Goris Press Club” NGO, an information meeting on the formation of youth groups announced within the framework of the “Local Self-Government for the Development of the Goris Community” program was held, during which the goals and problems of the group’s activities, as well as the opportunities for further cooperation, were presented.

In addition to discussing the immediate goals and challenges of the youth groups, the meeting provided a forum for participants to explore possibilities for ongoing collaboration. The enthusiasm exhibited by the attendees reflects a shared commitment to effecting positive change within the Goris community.

The deadline for joining the youth group has been set for May 30.

The goal of Locally-led Action for Development of Goris Community project is to increase the capacity and resilience of the Goris consolidated community via strengthening the capacity and commitment of the community to lead its development and enhance citizen engagement and oversight in the decision-making process.


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